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Marvelous Musical Instruments: Rare And Remarkable Sounds

Humans around the world create wonderful, sometimes ethereal, sounds and jumping, upbeat rhythms on rare and unique instruments.

Balafon - Played by master, Famoro Dioubate.
Arghul - Ancient Eqyptian flute/pipe.
Ogene - Nigerian percussion instrument.
Foli - A showcase of the variety of rhythmic sounds produced by a host of instruments and daily activities.
La caña - Bolivian long horn.
Cristal Baschet - Instrument made up of glass rods and played with wet fingers. Take a listen to the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata...

And finally, just for fun...

The Most Unusual Musical Instruments in the World - Some of these are traditional, others are contemporary, but they are definitely unique!
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