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Matika Wilbur’s ReVisioning Of Native America

Matika Wilbur, a member of both the Swinomish and Tulalip Nations in Washington State, has undertaken to photograph at least one member of all 562+ federally-recognized Native tribes in the United States. She describes her project this way: "I'm ultimately doing this because our perception matters...Our perception fuels racism. It fuels segregation. Our perception determines the way we treat each other."

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Meet Matika Wilbur - In this 5-minute video, Matika Wilbur introduces Project 562 and describes the goals of the project.
Project 562: Changing How We See Native America - The official Project 562 website. Learn more about the project and explore the gallery of photos here. More of Matika Wilbur's ongoing work can be found in her blog and films.
Matika Wilbur: The Portraits and Stories of Native American Women - In this 75-minute program at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Matika Wilbur highlights the extraordinary lives and stories of Native women throughout North America. The program includes the participation of several other Native people offering welcome, blessings, and music.
To give you a taste of this magnificent project, here are a few photographs from the Project 562 website.

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