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Meet the World's Most Beautiful Streets

Streets tell stories about the people who live there. They express the ways of being and doing that make a neighborhood beautiful, memorable, and alive. Without leaving your chair, visit some of the world's most beautiful and iconic streets. From Morocco to Argentina, and Japan to Hungary, each is unique in its timeless beauty.

Although some streets appear on several of today's tour links, each stop on our tour also offers beautiful streets not found on the other tours. Enjoy the world's diverse ways to stun the eye!

The 53 Most Beautiful Streets in the World - Why 53? Who cares? Architectural Digest makes a good case that these streets are worth traveling to see!
The World’s Most Beautiful Streets - From grand avenues in New York City to street art covered streets in Melbourne, and via historic roads in China and tree-lined roads in Pretoria, explore roads and lanes that delight the eye.
The Most Beautiful Streets and Neighbourhoods in the World - Take a walk along some streets that present their iconic beauty as stories, experiences, and time capsules.
40 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World That Will Stop You in Your Tracks - Featuring natural and human-painted colors galore, unique architecture, and more than one UNESCO World Heritage Site, these exquisite streets are truly memorable.

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