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Migration: Stories Beyond The Headlines

Migration has occurred for as long as there's been humans. Let's take a closer look at all this moving around and get under the surface of the sound bites.

7 Videos Guaranteed to Change the Way You See Refugees - Each of these videos runs about 2-minutes and will definitely 'put you in someone else's shoes' in a powerful new way.
Watch 125,000 Years of Human Migration in One Minute - As long as humanity has been on the planet, we have migrated from place to place as conditions changed. Watch the most recent episodes of this constant movement take place in this cool animation.
All the World’s Immigration Visualized in One Map (2010-2015) - Stunning visualization of the flow of migrants across the planet. It's not what you may think. From the same data analyst, here's another very interesting visualization of migration: Here’s Everyone Who’s Immigrated to the U.S. Since 1820.
Simulated U.S. immigration (1830-2015) - Using the metaphor of a growing tree, this amazing visualization shows exactly which immigrants filled 'growth rings' in the U.S. population.
Another Way Home - Check out these eight eye-popping projects by visionary artists, journalists, and creative technologists dedicated to re-envisioning the topic of migration.
Voices of Courage, Stories of Justice - The stories of female immigrants fleeing injustice and danger, and how they were helped by the Tahirih Justice Center.
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