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Mihaela Noroc's Stunning Atlas of Beauty: Everyone Is Beautiful

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc spent the last seven years touring the world, discovering the unnoticed beauty blooming in every woman. "The idea is that we are all part of the same diverse family. In the end, beauty is in our differences. It’s about being yourself, natural and authentic, not about trends, race, or social status."

500 Women Photographed Around the World - Here's a short overview of Noroc's project and 14 of her photographs to give you a taste of her gorgeous work.
Photographer Celebrates the Unique Bond Between Mothers and Children Around the World - Some more of Noroc's wonderful photographs highlighting the bond between mothers and children.
The Atlas of Beauty - Mihaela Noroc's professional website. You can scroll through and see dozens of her photographs with their accompanying stories.
The Atlas of Beauty - This 2-minute promotional video for the Atlas of Beauty book is another way to get a quick peek at some of her photographs.

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