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Mind- and Heart-Expanding Animated Shorts From Latino/a Artists

These short films will make your eyes pop, your heart leap, and your mind go places you never thought....

The Present - A powerful, simple story of a young, video game-obsessed boy whose life is changed when his mother brings home a one-legged puppy.
Caracol Cruzando - In this picture-book style film, folklore melds with front-page news as an eight-year-old girl embarks on a journey from Costa Rica to Miami. With her family at risk, should she sneak her pet turtle with her across the border?
Heroes of Color: Episode 2 / Gaspar Yanga - A film about Gaspar Yanga, Mexican hero and leader of one of the most successful slave rebellions, and known as one of the first Black liberators in the Americas.
Here's the Plan - In this award-winning Chilean film, a married cat-dog couple of cupcake bakers dream of opening their own bakery, but their dream runs into major difficulties before they find a way to make it real.
Bear Story (Historia de un Oso) - The first Chilean film to win an Academy Award, this animated short uses the story of an aging circus bear to inspire a multitude of reflections on the use of power to separate families and on why we do so.

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