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Mind-Blowing, Other-Worldly Microscopic Images Of Wood

Stained-glass windows? Elaborate tapestries? Abstract paintings? The stunning diversity of the wood specimens in the Wilson Wood Collection of the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History will rearrange your images of wood.

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Wood Collection Images - In today's post, I share a few sample images from the Wilson Wood Collection. To explore the entire collection: [1] Click on the link. [2] When the new page (Search the Department of Botany Collections) opens, open the drop down Special Collections menu and select Wood Collection. [3] Check the Only Records with Images box at the bottom of the page. [4] Click Search. This search will return all the images in the collection.
Scientists Are Using This Collection of Wood Samples to Combat Illegal Logging - If you want to take a deeper dive into the collection and see an interesting example of how it is used, check out this article in Smithsonian magazine.

Ailanthus integrifolia (native to tropical regions from India to Indonesia)

Cornus controversa (Giant Dogwood, native to China, Korea, the Himalayas and Japan)

Quiina negrensis (tree of the Amazon region)

Ricinodendron heudelotii (West African tropical tree)

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (porcelainberry vine, native to northeast Asia)

Mastixia (an evergreen native from India through Southeast Asia and New Guinea to the Solomon Islands)

Cornus kousa (Chinese dogwood, native to China, Korea, and Japan)

Maytenus micrantha (native to tropical regions of North and South America)

Picea (evergreen spruce, native to mountainous areas of northern and central Europe)

Tsuga orientalis (hemlock tree, native to North America)

Salix fragilia (brittle willow, native to Europe and Western Asia)

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