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Murmurations: One Of Nature's Most Incredible Wonders!

Starling murmurations (flocks) contain hundreds of thousands of birds "flying as one." Mesmerizing. Awe-Inspiring. Beautiful.

The Art of Flying - This 2-minute video captures multitudes of birds flying in incredibly dense flocks, turning this way and that, with wondrous precision. It beggars the imagination!
Murmuration - Two women in a canoe recorded this 2-minute video of their chance encounter with a beautiful murmuration directly over their heads! Magical!
Falcon vs. Murmuration - In this 3-minute video, millions of starlings flying around Rome on a winter evening encounter one of nature's greatest flying predators: a peregrine falcon. Spoiler Alert: the falcon loses.
Murmurations by Xavi Bou - This amazing 3-minute video meticulously illustrates the flight paths of each bird in a murmuration. The photographer films the murmuration, then digitally stitches individual frames together to create a composite image, showing the actual path of each bird.
The Science of a Starling Murmuration - How do they do that? A look at the science behind how starlings defy reality.
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