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Nat "King" Cole: Voice Of Velvet. Dynamite On The Piano.

Nat King Cole was perhaps the greatest combination of jazz piano and singing voice of the 20th Century.

Nat King Cole - A 1-hour documentary exploring his life and career.
Nat King Cole - Profile on Black history website.
The "Cool" Cole - Rare audio-only recording of the Nat King Cole trio from 1940's radio performances.
Go Bongo - Nat King Cole performed in Carnegie Hall several times. His appearance in 1949, however, was unique because he had recently added Jack Costanzo playing bongos--one of the early Latin jazz innovations.
An Evening with Nat King Cole - His iconic live performance on BBC television.
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Nat King Cole's version of this song is often said to be the best ever.
Nat King Cole Trio (1944-1953) - Video compilation of several songs from movies and other performances.
Nat King Cole: Canta Em Espanhol (Sings in Spanish) - With his love for Cuba, it's not surprising that he put out an album in Spanish, through a record label in Portugal! Enjoy!
Dancing On The Ceiling - Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.
It's All Right With Me - Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.
Nat King Cole Show (NBC-TV) - Nat King Cole with guest, Peggy Lee.
Ultimate Nate King Cole - Website devoted to Nat King Cole.

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