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Nurturing Friendship and Building Community Across Racial and Cultural Divides

Exploring some of the history, context, experiences, and resources related to building real, lasting friendships across conventional racial and cultural lines.

Skin Deep featuring Buddy Guy | Playing For Change | Song Across America
#IAmHuman - Thinking about how we see ourselves and each other.
A Stronger Kinship: One Town's Extraordinary Story of Hope and Faith - In the heartland of the United States 150 years ago, where racism and hatred were common, a community decided there could be a different America. Here schools and churches were completely integrated, blacks and whites intermarried, and power and wealth were shared by both races. But for this to happen, the town’s citizens had to keep secrets, break the laws of the world outside, and sweep aside fear and embrace hope.
Anna-Lisa Cox talks about her book, A Stronger Kinship: One Town’s Extraordinary Story of Hope and Faith (C-Span video)
Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia
Having Black associates and colleagues is not the same thing as having Black friends - 5 Things White People Need to Know
Talking About Race: Community Building - resources from the National Museum of African American History & Culture
A Rich Tapestry: A video storytelling project exploring authentic examples of how individuals and communities are weaving together a rich tapestry of community life in neighborhoods across America.
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