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Oceans: Beautiful And Wondrous

Although oceans cover more than 70% of Earth's surface, we barely notice them. Take some time and get to know these astonishingly beautiful life-giving lungs of the planet.

Vivimos en un planeta azul (We Live on a Blue Planet) - This 2-minute video is in Spanish, but anyone can understand the message: The oceans are the essential source of life for all of us! For understanding why the oceans are so essential to us, see With Every Breath You Take, Thank the Ocean.
Ocean Conservancy 2020 Photo Award Winners - From gentle manatees to jaw-dropping coral reefs, amazing photos from across the globe. You can also see the 2019 Photo Award Winners here.
25 Amazing Photos of Life Underwater - From sleeping whales to schools of fish to eerie caves, these underwater pictures showcase submarine spectacles the world over.
30 of the Most Gorgeous Beaches on the Planet - Breath-taking coastlines around the world.
20 Breathtaking Wave Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real - These photos provide some perspectives you've never imagined!
One Breath Around the World - This 13-minute film takes you on a beautiful underwater odyssey across the globe. The film is shot by free-divers -- folks who swim underwater without taking a breath for several minutes at a time -- in locations from Mauritius to Mexico to Japan and many stops in between.
The Perpetual Ocean - The swirling flows of tens of thousands of ocean currents are captured in this 3-minute video from NASA.
Silent Kingdom: Harmony - Swim with sea-turtles, sharks, and fish in the open ocean in his beautiful, ethereal 3-minute video.
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