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Off The Beaten Path In Africa: Little-Known Wonders And Hidden Gems

Here's a taste of the continent's secret gems that may not make it onto postcards! We'll also stop by in Senegal and get a cup Café Touba, the popular spiced coffee drink!

Everyday Africa - Photographs posted by people all over the continent demonstrate the vibrant shades of daily life that pulse throughout Africa, breaking down the stereotypes often perpetuated by mainstream media. See the entire Everyday Africa photo gallery here.
7 Incredible (Lesser-Known) Natural Wonders of Africa - Here are some less expected African adventures to take your breath away! And, there's even more possibilities to explore here...The Top 4 Natural Wonders of Secret Africa.
10 Beautiful And Underrated Cities In Africa - Amazing urban experiences that don't get the hype!
10 African Cities Known for Music - African cities where music is dominant as a social/cultural factor and the culture of music is central to a people’s way of life.
Africa's Indian Ocean Islands: The Complete Guide - These gorgeous islands harbor little-known, but fantastic, cultural and natural treasures.
Sao Tome and Principé - A 3-minute video overview of Africa's wondrous islands on the Atlantic side, renowned for their luxuriant landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and life reflecting a mixture of indigenous culture and Portuguese colonial influences. Here's a more general introduction to the islands that the video doesn't provide.
Africa’s 15 Most Impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites - These places are recognized as part of humanity's irreplaceable historical, natural, and cultural heritage. They are incredible, but not on the tourist mainline, so you likely will not be familiar with most of them!
Trekking Through One of Africa's Most Majestic Places: Botswana's Okavango Delta - Welcome to one of the greatest, most wildlife-rich wetlands on Earth. Did someone say where's the elephants, lions, hippos, and such?
The Story Behind Café Touba, the Mysterious Coffee Drink of Senegal - The unique flavor of this popular coffee drink comes from ground cloves and Selim pepper!
Drinking and Making Café Touba - Café Touba is easy to make at home, and you can use whatever brewing devices you already have.
Café Touba - An interesting snapshot of how this popular coffee beverage, consumed by people of all ages, almost any time of day, fits into daily life. Includes another set of instructions for making it!
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