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One Human Species, Living Worldwide

The ancient heritage that all humans share is that we are one species, arisen from the same dust, descended from common ancestors, and living as a single family across the planet.

One Humanity - This interactive mural (pictured above) was created over the course of 48 hours with thousands of people from across the world.
Same Dust - This song by the Daisy Grow Yellow band has a lot to say about our basic humanity. You can check out more of their music at their website.
One Species, Living Worldwide - Explore the origins of modern humans in Africa about 300,000 years ago and celebrate our species’ epic journey around the world in this video.
Explore Human Origins - Take a short tour of the earliest human fossils, guided by a paleontologist.
The Incredible Human Journey - This BBC documentary traces the movement of humanity out of Africa and across the Earth. Each of the five parts runs about one hour. Part 1: Out of Africa. Part 2: Asia. Part 3: Europe. Part 4: Australia. Part 5: The Americas.
Amazing Cave Paintings - Find early cave paintings, particularly figurative representations like animals or people, and you’ve found evidence for the modern human mind. See also this story about the earliest of all cave paintings yet found--at least 44,ooo years old.
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