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Ordinary People, Courage, And Change

Common people, all of us, black and white, young and old, rich and poor are able to accomplish so much. What types of courage and change make that happen?

Let's start our exploration of change and courage with four short animated films, each of them thought-provoking and illuminating in different ways...

Mr. Indifferent - This animated video explores how each of us can make a difference, and what making a difference can also do for us. 2 minutes.
Hair Love - The courage to overcome fear in the name of love is powerful. 7 minutes.
All I Did Was Smile and Say 'Hello' - Based on a true story, this moving animation looks at fear and the power of connection. 5 minutes.
Swing of Change - This is a story of how respecting the true worth of others can inspire change. 6 minutes.

Leaving animated shorts behind now, continue the exploration of change and courage with some real-life examples...

Maya Angelou: Facing Evil - In this 22-minute video, Maya Angelou offers some powerful and inspiring reflections on the power of individuals who have overcome and triumphed, even if seemingly without help or resources. In the first part of the video, she shares some painful experiences, but keep watching for how she resolved these and her stories of others.
Steps for moving from Actor (passive) --> Ally (active) --> Accomplice (build trust) - For real change to occur, we must be willing to move from a passive stance toward taking bigger risks and more significant action. This site is looking particularly at how white people can move toward effective, sustained action in dismantling racism, however, the general manner of thinking and analysis can be applied to a much wider variety of issues.

We'll finish with songs to lift the heart and affirm the power each of us has to make a difference...

Lean On Me - A song about our power of change: "You just call on me brother, when you need a hand...We all need somebody..."
Paradigm - A song about our power of change: "Take a little time, open up your mind...And see..."
United - A song about our power of change: "We have to bring the world together...And learn to live as one..."
The Movement - A song about our power of change: "Just like a wave, nothing can stop us when we start moving, so everybody wake up, get down..."
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