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Paula Nicho Cúmez: Mayan Artist Breaking New Ground For Indigenous Women

The most important female Mayan artist in Guatemala today paints themes that represent the point of view of a woman and symbolize important parts of the Mayan culture.

Paula Nicho Cúmez - A wonderful self-portrait of the artist.
Paintings by Paula Nicho Cúmez - A portfolio of her work, featuring some of her most famous paintings, such as Mi Segundo Piel (My Second Skin), which is now included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.
Introducing Paula Nicho Cúmez - A 5-minute video introducing the artist and her work.
Paula Nicho Cúmez: Inspiration - The artist discusses the inspiration for her work in this 4-minute video.
Paula Nicho Cúmez: Mi Segunda Piel (My Second Skin) - In this 9-minute video, the artist explains the importance of indigenous dress as a symbol of identity, and how this theme is reflected in her work.
Leaving Home - An exploration of how themes of social change and leaving one's country are manifested in the work of Paula Nicho Cúmez.
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