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Perceiving Beyond Our Perceptions

There is so much more to "reality" than we normally perceive. Our "common sense" view of the world, based on how our mind organizes our normal perceptions, is really quite limiting. Maybe a good mind-blowing will help us to explore beyond the limits of our own perspectives and open up to those of others. Let's explore the possibility of entirely new realities.

What is the Speed of Dark? - In the physical world, dark can actually travel faster than light! What? How is that possible? This amazing 13-minute video explains. Note: Just let the first few seconds of silly intro pass. The rest is worth it.
Defying Gravity: Quantum Levitation- Make an object lift up off the ground, without external lifts, rockets, etc,? Sure! Making use of unseen quantum forces, objects naturally defy gravity. Here's a fun 2-minute demonstration of how that works. And, by the way, there are trains in Asia now operating using this type of levitation.
How We Might Be Living in Other Dimensions Without Knowing It - In this 4-minute video, Neil deGrasse Tyson provides an incredible visual illustration of the limits to our perception and comprehension.
Flatland - This 5-minute animated video illustrates the basic story of Edwin A. Abbott's famous novella, Flatland -- an early attempt to explain multiple levels of reality (dimensions) to a general audience. For Carl Sagan lovers, here's a 7-minute video of Sagan explaining Flatland in his own inimitable style.
The Eternally Inflating Multiverse - What if the universe we live within is only one of multitudes of other universes? Why do scientists think that there could possibly be multiple universes (a multiverse)? This 10-minute video provides an explanation. Hint: Think of a boiling pot of water.
Big Mysteries: Extra Dimensions - What if, beyond our normal four-dimensional reality (length, width, height, and time), there might be ten, eleven, or even more dimensions? If you were intrigued by the previous videos, take this 9-minute deeper dive into the possibilities of multiple dimensions.

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