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Pigs: A Lot More Than 'Oink.'

Smart, affectionate, clean, and potential helpers in the fight against climate change, what's not to love? Oh, and beautiful, too!

When I was a kid growing up on a farm, I loved to sit in the pasture and let the piglets (baby pigs) climb all over me like puppies--which is exactly how they behave! What factory farm agribusiness has done to all farm animals, including pigs, is hideous. Come on. Let's try it a different way.

Beautiful Pigs - A few of your new best friends!
Porcine - This gallery of pig portrait photographs is really lovely, capturing the uniqueness, and bringing out the personality style of each individual. Click on the link, and when the new page opens, you'll find the Prev/Next link at the lower right of the screen. That's the way to navigate through the gallery of photos.
10 Phenomenal Reasons to Love Pigs - Pigs get shoddy treatment, both in their common pop culture image, and in their inhumane treatment and management by humans. Here's some help in correcting the unfair and hurtful stereotypes.
Affectionate Pigs - This 2-minute video gives you an idea of how friendly pigs can be and how much they love attention.
Pigs of the World - Check out how many different kinds of pigs there are! I especially love the "heritage" pig varieties--those that were common on farms before industrialized agriculture focused on only a few breeds. Did you know that domesticated animals go extinct also? They do. Many of the heritage pig varieties have reached near-extinction levels of under 50, 100, or 200 in number at some point in the past fifty years. Their numbers are now gradually growing as small farms begin to play a larger role in food production again.
Mother Pigs and Their Babies - This is just pure cute! Note: Pens aren't all bad. Especially in cold climates, even if the pigs will live and graze outdoors when they get bigger, baby pigs are born, and live their first few days, indoors, where greater safety and warmth can be provided.
Adorably Fuzzy Pigs Look Like Sheep and Act Like Dogs - Did that sheep just oink? The Mangalitsa is a pig, all right, but has a fuzzy, sheeplike appearance.
Can Pigs Save the World? - Although this 2-minute video focuses on cows, what it says applies to pigs also: Yes, pigs can play a major role in solving climate change and other environmental problems. For a deeper dive into this topic, watch “When the Land Needs the Animals Like Animals Need the Land" (40-minute video).
Here's two 1-minute videos of pigs being raised on woodland pasture, which they love! Pigs grazing in woods and, also, Snuffle, shuffle, CHOMP! Acorn season! Pigs also love open grassy fields: here's 22-seconds of pigs on open pasture.
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