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Recognizing And Celebrating Human Nobility: A Prerequisite To Justice And Peace

A world of justice and peace is one where all people can reach their full potential and are embraced in their full nobility and humanity. Here's some resources to explore, share, and use on that journey.

Coming Together: The ABCs of Racial Literacy - This unique set of resources, developed by the team at Sesame Street, provides language and parenting strategies to talk with children about race and racism.
Racial Justice: A Talk by Derik Smith - Would you give 10 minutes of your time to learn enough about the real nature of racism in America to be much more effective in your role in ending it? If so, then do yourself a favor and take a listen to this compelling few minutes with Dr. Derik Smith.
Talking About Race - Tools from the National Museum of African American History and Culture to empower one's journey through race in America and inspire effective conversations about race. Take a look around!
The Most Challenging Issue: Racism - World-renowned Lakota hoop dancer, Indigenous cultural ambassador, and storyteller, Kevin Locke (Lakota name: Tokeya Inajin, The First to Arise), goes straight to the heart of the issue in this 7-minute video.
RaceWorks - This series of videos and the related toolkit were developed by Stanford University faculty to empower effective learning, action, and conversations involving race and racism. Explore!
Set Phasers to Love Me: Reimagining the Default Settings of Society - What does "Set Phasers to Love Me" mean? It's perhaps the most important question of our time. In this engaging and powerful 1-hour presentation, Dr. Ruha Benjamin explores the question, and invites us to experiment with "technologies of love, of reciprocity and of justice."
Color is a Beautiful Thing - Nina Simone sings her short, repetitive 1-minute celebration of color. It's instantly sing-along-able and great for both adults and kids.

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