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Robert Hayden: 'The People's Poet' Who Wrote For All The World's People

Robert Hayden, the first Black to be appointed Poet Laureate of the United States, wrote some of the most compelling poetry on Black history ever written. Yet, rejecting racial pigeonholes, he demanded to be considered an American poet, indeed, a human poet, and wrote poetry reflecting a fusion of the human experience.

Robert Hayden: U.S. Consultant in Poetry, 1976-1978 - Robert Hayden's Poet Laureate profile at the U.S. Library of Congress. The profile includes links to a number of recordings of him reading and commenting on his poems while serving as Poet Laureate.
Frederick Douglass - Hear Robert Hayden read his poem.
Middle Passage - Hear Robert Hayden read his poem.
The Peoples Poet: Robert Hayden's Ann Arbor Story - A remembrance of Robert Hayden by the African American Cultural & Historical Museum of Washtenaw County, Michigan.
The Life and Times of Robert Hayden: US Poet Laureate Extraordinaire - A 60-minute interview with Dr. Derik Smith, author of Robert Hayden In Verse: New Histories of African American Poetry and the Black Arts Era, exploring the work and life of Robert Hayden, and how these were interwoven with his Baháʼí beliefs. Includes live readings of Hayden's poetry by interdisciplinary artist Masud Olufani.
Go Down, Moses: An Introduction - An extremely interesting short article on Robert Hayden's early life and his intense commitment to social and racial justice. In addition to that, who knew that he was an accomplished playwright and actor?
A Gathering Silence: Erma Hayden's Courage - A brief account of Erma Hayden's personal confrontation with Jim Crow segregationists in Alabama.
Robert Hayden at the Brockport Writers Forum (1975) - This insightful 60-minute video offers an introduction to Robert Hayden, the poet, and human being. In the course of the interview he reads several poems, and discusses the poetry, life experiences, and worldview that influenced his writing.
Robert Hayden Mural in Detroit - The Education Is Not A Crime project's first street art mural in Detroit honors Robert Hayden.

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