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Robert Sengstacke Abbott: Champion of Humanity

Robert S. Abbott was the founder and publisher of The Chicago Defender, the most important Black newspaper in the United States throughout much of the 20th Century. An unfaltering commitment to advancing racial justice and universal brotherhood was a hallmark of his life.

Robert Sengstacke Abbott - Wikipedia profile of Robert S. Abbott. You may also enjoy this brief video about his significance in Black history.
The Inspirational Life of Robert Sengstacke Abbott - Detailed profile of Robert Abbott's life.
Remembering The Chicago Defender, Print Edition (1905 - 2019) - Online feature from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
History of The Chicago Defender - Brief overview of the paper's history.
Robert Sengstacke Abbott and the Black Press - An online exhibit devoted to Robert Abbott's significance in the history of Black publishing.
Chicago's Parade of Stars - The history of the Bud Billiken Club and Parade, of whom Robert Abbott was the principal mover. This video of the 90th Anniversary Bud Billiken Parade gives a sense of the event's continuing significance.
Robert Sengstacke Abbott: A Man, a Paper, and a Parade - A biography of Robert Abbott, by Susan Engle, geared to young readers.
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