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Seeing With New Eyes: Short Films On How The Ability To Dream & Create Shines Light In Darkness

Put aside what you are doing and take 10 minutes to view these two short films. You won't be sorry. Both tell extraordinary stories of the human spirit seeing things anew, and thereby making a sometimes dark world a little brighter.

Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant - The title says it all, but actually doesn't prepare you for the magnificence of this 3-minute film about a child explaining a work of art to his mother, who is blind.
Rebuilding in Miniature - This 7-minute film tells the story of an Iraqi refugee who builds exquisitely-detailed miniature "places" that he has never actually been. The real story is how his work helps him rebuild and revision in a world where he has no real home. You can see a larger gallery of his amazing miniatures here.
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