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Short Films On Empathy And Seeing The True Beauty In Our Differences

These short films all, in different ways, explore the transformative power of striving for openness of mind and heart, the obstacles to seeing the true beauty in each other, and the power of opening our hearts to others.

Listen to Me - A deaf girl feels emotionally broken and alone until a student worker sees her and makes a powerful human connection with her. (8 minutes)
ESPEJO - Abel is going through a difficult time and Enrique tries to be there for his friend, but he's not effective until he changes his approach. (9 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles)
A Woman Like Me - A deafblind Danish woman travels to Nepal to meet a woman with the same condition in hopes of communicating and engaging in a cultural exchange. The film illustrates the beautiful moments of mutual connection and understanding, as well as the complexity of human communication, including how susceptible it is to distortion by privilege and preconceptions of what is normal for a good life.
Float - What should a father do, when he finds out his new (extremely cute) son can, in fact, float? (7 minutes)
Tokri - The beautifully-animated film tells the touching story of a breach in the happy relationship between a father and his beloved young daughter, and both characters' efforts to heal the breach. (14 minutes)

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