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Six Amazing Imaginary Worlds...And One You Can Make Yourself

Tired of the current world you're experiencing? Take a break and explore these incredible (and fun) imaginary worlds.

An Imaginary World Where People Live With Giant Animals - This artist creates illustrations depicting gentle giant animals...and the people who live with them.
Imaginary Worlds in the Garden - Mystical and fantastic imaginary worlds are created from living flowers and plants at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Amazingly Constructed Dioramas of Extraordinary Imaginary Worlds - These stunning imaginary worlds may look like oil paintings or digital artwork, but they're actually fabricated with infinite care and take months to build. This video shows the amazing process used to create these worlds.
A Whimsical Tribe of Giant Trolls - A wonderful imaginary world with a curious cast of characters, including Niels Bragger, a "firm believer in carrying a big stick."
Monumentally Detailed Pen Drawings That Combine Real and Imagined Landscapes - Pen and ink works containing dense villages of twisting tree houses, forests and log cabins, isolated islands far from civilization, and more.
Incredible, Hilarious, Intriguing, and Thought-Provoking Imaginary Animals - These animals are, well, imaginary worlds in themselves.
Design Your Own Planet - If you really want to get away from it all, you can design your own planet. Play with different planet-design settings on this website and create your own designer planet.
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