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Six Short Films On The Obvious And Hidden Connections That Bind Us Together

These multi-award-winning films pack a lot of insight into a few brief minutes. Reflecting diverse cultural perspectives, all these short films explore the various threads that weave us together, even if we don't see the connections.

WiNDUP - Set in China, this beautiful multi-award-winning 10-minute film is a tender, heart-forward story about the mutual love and devotion between a father and his young ailing daughter.
A Beach of Our Own - "The word community has the word 'unity' in it. And we're united in the love and reverence for this place." This short 10-minute documentary explores the past and present of the historic African-American beach community known as Sag Harbor on Long Island, New York.
Hello - Such a simple word, but saying "Hello" can bring a huge change.
Folk Frontera - In borderlands of West Texas, local folklore looms as large as the landscape. This film looks at two fronteriza women—one a public radio music show host, the other a Mariachi and folklórico dancer—who live in two cultures at the same time, blending Mexican, American, and unmapped myths into something surreal and unique.
Different - What might happen if a deaf girl comes across a boy who is paralyzed from the waist-down, but neither of them know about each other's differences?
Let's Eat - A beautifully touching take on food as an intergenerational love connection, this short film about a Chinese American immigrant mother and her daughter follows mealtime as a bridge across a lifetime.

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