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Sly And The Family Stone: Music For Everyday People. Stand, Folks!

A band whose members were black and white, men and women, and who broke old rules to make new music, Sly and the Family Stone still sing the promise of humanity. Take a listen.

Everyday People - Their first #1 hit and perhaps most famous song.
Medley (1968, 1969) - Sly & The Family Stone appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show twice. Watch the reaction of the crowd when they head out into the's a new day for Ed.
Dance To The Music (1968) - A TV performance as they were rising to the top musically.
Higher and Higher (1969) - Part of their 3:30 am performance at Woodstock.
Live in concert (1970) - When the stage fills up with dancers...we could be that...
Thank You-Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin (1970) - Dick Cavett show.
Sing A Simple Song (1969) - The 'B side' recording with their first #1 hit, Everyday People.
Stand (1974) - One of their iconic hits from 1969, the record has been added recognized by the U.S. Library of Congress for its cultural and historical significance.
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