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"Sorria, você está na Bahia!” (Smile, you’re in Bahia)

Today, we're going to visit Brazil, but skip the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo mega-cities and the iconic Amazon region. Instead, we'll explore "the Soul of Brazil," as the state of Bahia is often called. In this beautiful corner of northeastern Brazil, the vibrant mix of cultures, daily sunshine, epic natural beauty, superb beaches, and deep root of African soul and rhythm create a fusion of delights.

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Brazil's State of Bahia - Bahia is a must-see, must-do stop in Brazil...or, maybe just go there and enjoy yourself!
Chapada Diamantina National Park - Take a 4-minute video tour of this magnificent reserve of natural beauty...larger than some countries!
The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Bahia - With enchanting sights, smiles, scents, sunshine, and sounds, Bahia is a paradise in its own right!
Salvador and the Bahia Coast - Bahia’s capital, Salvador, is the heartbeat of Bahia. The beat, energized by the rhythms of Brazil’s African heritage, adds even more beauty to the beaches and towns up and down the stunning Atlantic coastline. For another perspective on Salvador, check out: 5 Things You Must Do in Salvador, Brazil.
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia - Salvador is one of the major points of convergence of European, African, and American Indian cultures of the 16th to 18th Centuries.
JAM na Rede com a Geleia Solar - A delicious taste of popular local Bahian music!
Food in Bahia - Despite its European roots, what really influenced Bahian cuisine was the enslaved Africans who restyled Portuguese dishes with their own cooking methods and a mix of African spices and herbs.
Carnaval de Brasil - Enjoy a 3-minute video glimpse of Carnaval in Bahia, the annual festival (celebrated throughout Brazil), with most of the Bahian festivities occurring in Salvador. Carnaval traditions-- culinary, musical, literary and more--reflect Bahia's deep Afro-Brazilian heritage.
The Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Salvador - Coffee runs deep in Brazilian life and Salvador has some of the best! Check out the different varieties!
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