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Soundscapes From Around The World

Ever wonder what sounds people around the world hear? These free audio tours let you travel the world through sounds from across the globe.

Soundscapes - Experience the world through sound. From Japan to South Africa, locals share sound recordings and photos of the landscapes and cityscapes they call home.
Peaceful, Nature-Rich Sound Recordings from Around the World - Created by an acoustic ecologist, these recordings showcase soundscapes from many of the most wild, beautiful and sound-rich places he's visited across the globe.
Relaxing Sounds Around the World - I stumbled onto this Smithsonian Magazine article, and from there enjoyed roaming the world in sounds! From natural sounds like water and birds to (relaxing!) urban street sounds, and from train journeys through the Alps to flute music playing near a waterfall in a Chinese garden, there's lovely sounds from every continent. Here's the direct link to all the sounds.
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