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Strandbeests! Monsterful New Creatures Walking The Earth!

Astonishing? Incredible? Such words seem too weak for Theo Jansen's marvelous beests! I'll go with 'monsterful' (an obsolete word meaning rare, extraordinary, marvelous).

Theo Jansen's Strandbeests - I swear these wind-powered creatures are the coolest thing around!
Strandbeest 'Genealogy' - A 'family' album of the Strandbeests from Theo Jansen's own website. Click on any of the Strandbeests to see a short video of them in motion.
My Creations: A New Form of Life - In this 10-minute TEDx presentation, Theo Jansen talks about his Strandbeests, why he creates them, and how they work.
Build a Strandbeest Yourself with this Mini DIY Kit - Similar to a LEGO project.
A Walking Bicycle That Uses the Mechanical Design of Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Wind-Powered Strandbeest - Another monsterful application of Strandbeest thinking.
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