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Stunning Views Of Earth From Space You Haven't Seen.

There are all kinds of beautiful views of our home planet from space. Here's some you probably haven't seen, or even, perhaps, imagined.

Watch the Moon Pass Across Earth - A NASA satellite positioned one million miles from Earth, shows a gorgeous, crystal clear image of our planet in full sunlight; then the Moon passes between the satellite and Earth. This is even more interesting because it shows the "backside" of the Moon, the side we never see from Earth.
Watch 'Earthrise' on the Moon - A Japanese satellite, orbiting the Moon, captured this lovely 2-minute video of Earth rising above the starkly barren lunar horizon. The contrast is compelling.
Earth Looks Like a Star, With a Planet Orbiting It - In this NASA photo taken by a spacecraft 36.5 millions miles from Earth, our planet looks like a star, and the Moon like its orbiting planet.
Mind-Blowing, Mesmerizing View of Earth's Weather Systems - This video shows the entire face of our spherical planet, all 360 degrees of it, in one view, and in beautiful natural color. You'll see all the weather systems as they moved across the globe over a two-week period. Note: The image takes a little while to load, but is well worth the wait. You can watch a similar image, but of the circular Earth rotating as the weather occurs, with day-night occurring. Note: The rotating Earth did not open with the Windows-default media player on my computer. But it worked fine in Windows Media Player.
Weird Clouds Look Even Better From Space - Cloud-watching from Earth can be endlessly entertaining, but some of the most amazing cloud patterns can only be properly appreciated from space.
An Animation Reveals What Earth's Surface is Made Of - We only see 0.5% of the planet's crust and what we don't see is green. Not from space, but an unusual view of the Earth, nonetheless.
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