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Take a Dive into the Living Heritage of Humanity

Humanity's traditions are all connected. Discover the links between the different elements of our intangible heritage! Take a deep breath and dive into exploring and visualizing the connections among humanity's living cultural heritage.

What does intangible cultural heritage mean to you? - People across the globe answer the question in a variety of interconnected ways.
Short video introducing UNESCO's Invitation to Dive into Intangible Cultural Heritage.
UNESCO's site is wonderful to explore, but also can be confusing. Tips: [1] Hover your cursor over the main map (pictured above). As your cursor moves over various elements, connections are highlighted. Follow one of the strands and you'll find a cultural element at the end! Click on it to learn about it. [2] You can also directly browse and search the information by country or key word here. NOTE: The United States is not a party to the 2003 Convention that established this UNESCO initiative, so no US resources are listed in the searchable database.
Three Showcase Examples: UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List
Showcase Example: Puppets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Showcase Example: The Oral Heritage and Cultural Manifestations of the Zápara People.
Showcase Example: Frevo, Performing Arts of the Carnival of Recife, Brazil.

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