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The Aspen Tree: Charismatic, Iconic, and World-Embracing

Aspen trees circle the globe, from the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia to North Africa, and from Britain across most of Europe and north Asia to China and Japan, and in North America, from Alaska through all of Canada to Newfoundland and southwards to Virginia, and in the Rocky Mountains as far south as northern Mexico. And that's just the beginning of what makes these trees soul-moving and mind-bending!

Aspen Tree Photography - Photographer Matt Payne captures the stunning beauty of aspens. This is the place to start in our exploration of these fabulous natural treasures.
The Aspen: So Much More than a Tree - One aspen tree is actually only one part of a much, much larger living organism, made us of thousands of trees.
The World's Largest Living Organism (?) - Many biologists believe that the biggest of all Earth’s living organisms is an aspen grove.
The North American 'Quaking Aspen' - A basic overview of Populus tremuloides the aspen variety native to North America.
The European/Asian 'Quaking Aspen'- A basic overview of Populus tremula the aspen variety native to Europe and Asia.
Aspen: Charismatic Broadleaved Tree of the Boreal Forests - A summary of some of the most spectacular characteristics of this 'flagship species.'

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