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The Awesome Beauty Of The Ocean's Deep, Coldwater Creatures

Marine biologist Alexander Semenov's photographs reveal the exquisite, other-worldly beauty of some of the world's least known sea-creatures.

Coldwater Science - Everyone knows about sharks, whales, octopi, jellyfish, and some other large marine animals. But the average person has never heard of salps, siphonophores, comb jellies, appendicularians, ascidians and many other wondrous sea creatures! This link to Alexander Semenov's professional website is the only link you'll need today. Click the Coldwater Science link above and, when the new page opens, scroll down the page to find the photographs of sea creatures. Click on any of the photos to open up that category and see more of that group! Below are just a few examples of what you'll on any of the images to learn more about that creature.

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