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The Canary Islands: Breathtaking Beauty, Tenderete Music & Dance, Yummy Cortado Leche Leche, And More!

The Canary Islands' rich cultural interplay of heavy Spanish influence and historic Canarian life results in vibrant cities, dynamic arts, and soul-moving music. And, with a plethora of gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery, the islands are among the most beautiful places on Earth. Add to that four UNESCO World Heritage sites and the result is epic.

Introducing the Canary Islands - Basic 2-minute touristy video provides an overview of the Canary Islands: beautiful places, vibrant culture, and what to see.
Canary Islands- This 24-minute (non-touristy) video from Planet Doc, a consortium of universities, offers an overview of Canarian history, culture, volcanoes, and landscapes.
The Hidden Canary Islands - This hour-long PBS documentary takes an in-depth look at all eight of the islands: El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Graciosa, Lanzarote, La Palma, and Tenerife.
Tenderete - For several decades, the popular TV program Tenderete has offered Canarian music, featuring local groups of singers and dancers, performing traditional music. The program is produced by Spanish public television and through it, one really gets a feel for Canarian music and culture.
Cortado Leche Leche - Coffee is a popular Canarian drink and comes in several different styles. This one, a specialty of the Canary islands, is one you won’t find elsewhere. Cortados exist on the Spanish mainland also, but the Canarian version has double milk (leche leche). Here's a bit more about how to make yourself one.
Whistled Language of the Island of La Gomera - This unique language, handed down over centuries from master to pupil, is the only whistled language in the world that is fully developed and practiced by a large community (more than 22,000 inhabitants).
UNESCO World Heritage Sites - The Canary Islands are home to four sites which UNESCO has honored as priceless elements of global heritage. The sites are listed below:

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