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The Earliest Photo of Louis Armstrong And Other Rare Moments With Him

Louis Armstrong is one of the true jazz legends. Enjoy some of his earliest and rarest live performances as he was shaking up the musical world. Oh, and there's a bit of his fascinating story as well.

Louis Armstrong's Beginning as a Band Leader: The Colored Waifs Home (1913) - The photo above is the earliest known photo of Louis Armstrong. If you're interested in more of this story, here's a related, longer read with more of the backstory.
Louis Armstrong (Copenhagen, 1933) - This is Louis Armstrong's earliest known live concert recording.
Louis Armstrong in the Recording Studio - This is the only known film of the great jazz musician working in a recording studio (1959).
Louis and Lucille Armstrong - I'm Confessin' That I Love You (1970)
Louis Armstrong (Dinah, 1933)
Louis Armstrong (Sweden, 1959)
Louis Armstrong (Belgium, 1959)
We Shall Overcome
When The Saints Go Marching In
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Blueberry Hill
Basin Street Blues
Hello Dolly
Ain't Misbehavin' - Audio-only in this recording, but great quality sound! Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra.
Knee Drops - Audio-only in this recording, but great quality sound! Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five.
Louis Armstrong and the Civil Rights Era - This is an interesting exhibit of rare historical materials from the Louis Armstrong archives, exploring his role and activities during the Civil Rights Movement. Included in this account are comments he made with a tape recorder present. Note: Some of the comments include harsh language.
Louis Armstrong in the Middle East - Louis Armstrong’s encounter with the Middle East was a microcosm of the wider struggle for international peace and understanding.
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