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The Eye-Popping Wonders Of Paper!

Paper, as lowly as it may seem, is the doorway to wonders! Come along for some paper adventures!

Fringed Paper art From Vintage Encyclopedias, Textbooks, and Classics by Artist Barbara Wildenboer - Amazing paper creations from old books.
Papier-Mâché Piñatas That Fine Art, And Also Other-Worldly - Roberto Benavidez is a paper sculptor of an entirely different type! Look around his website to see the amazing range of his art!
The Japanese Art of Kirie - A 5-minute video showcase of some wonderful Kirie (paper-cutting) artists! Also check out the incredible detail of Masayo Fukuda's paper creations.
A Gigantic Database of Paper Airplane Designs - Download easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials, and printable folding plans to make your own paper airplanes! Designs for maximum distance, maximum time aloft, most acrobatic, best eye-appeal!
Michael Velliquette - Eye-popping paper sculpture!
Cardborigami - Origami-inspired housing for the homeless!
Letterlocking: The Lost Art of Elaborate Folding To Ensure Privacy of Letters - Here's some video examples: [1] Mary Queen of Scots' protected the privacy of her last letter using a spiral lock, England (1587); [2] John Donne's tuck and seal letter to Sir Nicholas Carew, England (1625); [3] Rectangular Pinwheel locked letter, Italy (c.1600s); [4] Albus Dumbledore’s Will, England (1997).
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