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The First Female Photographer: Anna Atkins' Amazing Photobook!

Anna Atkins (1799-1871) was an English botanist and the first female photographer, using photographic techniques, but not a camera, to make the world's first book of photographs!

Anna Atkins' Cyanotypes: The First Book of Photographs - The story of Anna Atkins and the first book illustrated with photographic images.
The Woman Who Made the World's First Photobook - Anna Atkins: Woman, only child, mother, scientist, and pioneer of photography. When there was a show of her ground-breaking photographs, she took her children to see the show, telling them, "This is part of why Mom is a photographer."
Anna Atkins' Photographs - Her entire beautiful book of photographs can be viewed online, and downloaded, courtesy of the New York Public Library.
Blueprint Tutorial: How to create a Blueprint - This 11-minute video tutorial from the Rijksmuseum shows you how to make your own photograph using Anna Atkin's process.
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