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The Happiest People In The World - Where Are They?

Exploring the state of global happiness: the rankings based on how happy people perceive themselves to be and what affects that perception.

World Happiness Report 2020 - Since 2012, the United Nations has been producing a landmark global survey that ranks 156 nations on the basis of how happy their people perceive they are. The report is a heavy, but interesting read if you have time, and looks at all kinds of factors that affect our perceptions of happiness. See the 2020 rankings for all the countries here - after you click the link, scroll down the page to find the Ranking of Happiness 2017–2019 chart.
The World's Happiest Cities - Also from the World Happiness Report comes this ranking of how happy the world's city-dwellers are. After you click the link, scroll down the page to find the Global Ranking of Cities chart.
What Goes Into A Happy Life? - In this TED talk, Harvard psychologist Robert Waldinger shares insights about the building blocks of happiness from data collected in a happiness research project that Harvard University has been conducting for 75 years.
Why Are Mexicans Among the Happiest People in the World? - Mexicans are "overachievers" in the production of happiness. What's their secret?
Ubuntu - In this short video, Archbishop Desmond Tutu briefly describes Ubuntu - his philosophy that "I am a human being through other human beings," and relates it to making a happier world.
15 Poems About Happiness To Reset Your Day - Poems about happiness explore what it is to be happy in lots of forms, for lots of reasons.
I Think You're Wonderful - Song by Red Grammer.

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