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The Harlem Renaissance: You've Probably Never Seen It Like This

Often little remembered today, a seeming footnote in the long African-American struggle for equality, the Harlem Renaissance should be part of everyone's cultural and historical roadmap. Explore it now like you probably never encountered it before.

The Harlem Renaissance - This 3-minute video provides a quick overview of the movement.
Virtual Harlem - Tour Harlem as it existed during the Harlem Renaissance. You can also take a virtual tour of the Cotton Club as it was then.
Duke Ellington and the History of the Cotton Club (Part 1) - Duke Ellington, one of the driving musical forces of the Harlem Renaissance, is deeply linked to the Cotton Club, an equally iconic Harlem Renaissance venue. See also: Duke Ellington and the History of the Cotton Club (Part 2).
Against The Odds: Artists Of The Harlem Renaissance - The 1-hour video tells the compelling story of the struggles and triumphs of Black artists during the period.
During Prohibition, Harlem Night Clubs Kept the Party Going - A 1932 cartoon map shows you around town.
Harlem in the 1920s - The growth and evolution of Harlem as a center of Black life and culture. See also, 1920's Harlem as a Destination, which explores Black tourism to Harlem.
The 'Little Magazines' of the Harlem Renaissance - These little magazines published not just poetry and prose, but radical essays and experimental writing.
Cab Calloway’s “Hepster Dictionary,” a 1939 Glossary of the Lingo (the “Jive”) of the Harlem Renaissance - The legendary bandleader's guide to Harlem Renaissance slang.
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