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The Most Beautiful, Enchanting, and Strange Streets In The World

Each street has a story, offers an experience, takes us places. Here's some of the world's most interesting ones.

These Are Some of the Most Beautiful Streets and Neighbourhoods in the World - More than a way to get around, these streets are an experience.
31 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World - History, beauty, natural features,'s all there.
10 Most Enchanting Streets In The World - From Germany to Brazil to Morocco, these are streets to explore.
The Most Colorful Streets in the World - These streets are offer a rainbow of colors!
9 Great Streets Around the World - These are streets that are great public spaces and work for people, not just for cars. Of related interest: No Cars Allowed: The 10 Best Pedestrian Streets Around the World.
7 of the World's Steepest Streets - Set your brakes or put on your walking's steep!
10 Weirdest Streets in the World - Weird is in the eye of the beholder, but these are certainly one-of-a-kind!
35 Iconic Street Foods Every World Traveler Must Try - From push carts and market stalls to kiosks and the backs of bicycles, you’ll often find that the best local food is out on the street. And here's some suggestions of places to find such delights: Best 23 Cities for Street Food from Miami to Tokyo to Senegal.
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