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The Ocean As You've Never Seen It

It's as if these filmmakers and photographers reintroduce the ocean to us in an entirely new way. Magical. Gorgeous. Transcendent.

Elemental - Photographer Ray Collins captures the magic that happens at the intersection of water and light in this 4-minute film. If you like that, take a look at his 7-minute The Infinite Now. You can check out the rest of his portfolio at his website.
The Ocean Is Art - Believe it or not, Ryan Pernofski makes eye-popping films, like this 2-minute beauty, using an iPhone. Using an iPhone with astonishing artistic skill, one should add! Here's another beautiful example of his work.
Rachael Talibart - The photographs of ocean waves produced by Rachael Talibart are simply stunning. Freezing powerful waves in time, they are immortalized like gods or mythical sea monsters. In fact, she names them such! Click the link, then scroll around in her portfolio.

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