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The Oldest Continuously-Inhabited Places In The World

From cave dwellings to amazingly old wooden houses, all over the world there are places were people have lived continuously for thousands of years.

14 of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities - There is some disagreement about the historical record, but there's no doubt these places share the "oldest" honor. Compare that list with this one: World's 20 Oldest Inhabited Cities. And, here's a work-in-progress list of the most ancient cities on every continent.
The Architecture of Some of the World's Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities - Ancient cities also have their stunning beauty and intriguing architectural puzzles!
The Oldest Still-Inhabited Buildings in the World - A selection of the oldest still-inhabited homes and churches in the world today.
The Oldest Homes in the World - Homes that have stood the test of time.
Inside the 9,000-Year-Old Italian Caves that Still Have People Living in Them - Take a look inside the UNESCO-protected Sassi district in Matera city.

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