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The Power Of 'We': Compelling Short Films On The Power Of Connecting.

These short films explore the obvious, and hidden, connections that create our possibilities, and how seeing these connections can empower positive change.

The Wombat: All Is One - In one minute, the Wombat lays down a lot of wisdom.
We Are Built To Be Kind - This 5-minute video explores the scientific evidence that humans are wired to feel connected to one another, and to be empathetic and kind.
We've All Been There - This 7-minute video illustrates the unseen stories that bind our stories together. Watch to the end.
Ian - In this 10-minute animated film, based on a true story, a small child's courage and the empathic action of other children changes the entire atmosphere of a playground.
The Allegory Of The Spoons - A 1-minute video retelling of an ancient story about the need to look for connections, in order to feed everyone, including ourselves.
'Economic Man' vs. Humanity - A 7-minute puppet rap-drama in which three students educate their economics professor about the need to think of We, not just Me.

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