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The Staple Singers: The Beat Of Freedom, Love, and Justice Goes On

The Staple Singers' fusion of music and message produced a powerful elixir of love, justice, and liberation. Here's their story and a sampling of live performances that moved the spirit and action of millions.

10 Protest Songs Of The Staple Singers - Staple Singers' songs that were important in helping to write the soundtrack of the civil rights movement.
The Staple Singers: A Short History - Brief video overview of their story.
Profile Of Roebuck "Pops" Staples - PBS takes a look at the Staples Family patriarch and founder of the Staples Singers.
Mavis Staples Still Has Plenty to Say About Her '60s Spirit of Protest: 'I'm Still Singing My Freedom' - Interview with the last Staples Singer still performing. Includes songs, Love and Trust and No Time for Cryin'.
Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers perform one of their greatest hits live at the WattStax Festival (1972).
I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers perform one of their greatest hits on live television (1971).
Sit Down Servant - The Staple Singers perform live in 1961.
The Staple Singers: Live at the University of Chicago Folk Fest February 4th, 1962 - Live recording of 30-minute Staple Singers set at the Festival (no video, sound only).
Pray On - The Staple Singers perform live on Jubilee Showcase (1966). Rare video of early years.
Fender Jaguar - The Staple Singers perform live (1968).
Heavy Makes You Happy - Live performance on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program (1971).
Chicago Stories: The Staple Singers - This WTTW radio feature provides some lesser known information about the group, including extended comments from Rev. Jesse Jackson about the group's significance in the Civil Rights Movement.
How the Staple Singers Became the Soul of Protest Music - A detailed musical history of the group.
Mavis! - This is the trailer for a recent documentary about Mavis Staples and the Staple Singers.

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