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The Streets We Live On

We're more globally connected now than ever before, but we also have unique streets we call home. Let's explore what happens when global connection meets local streets and neighborhoods!

Each Daily Cuppa Go post is like a daily newspaper to enjoy with your favorite cuppa. There's a series of related stories on a theme, and just like a newspaper, you can browse as your time and interests lead you.

Streets of the World - "This project is about what unites us as humans, on whatever street we live. Go and discover the streets yourselves." Traveling around the world, this photographer captured images of street life in 195 places across the globe. Click around in his gallery of photos to check out street scenes on every continent.
Streets of Asia - This YouTuber takes weekly walks through the streets of cities in China and other Asian countries with a video camera, offering a look at urban streets in Asia. Check out the video playlist and choose your city to take a walk.
What Do People Around The World See Outside Their Windows? - The WindowSwap website lets you take a random look out of other people's windows around the world. Beyond that, if you want to explore even more views from people's windows around the world, check out View from My Window, an interactive Facebook group where 2+ million people post and comment on the views they see from their windows.
Random street views around the world - Yep, this website does exactly what it says: drops you on a random street somewhere in the world! You can either just let it drop you anywhere in the world, or you can use the search function (left side of page) to choose a country. Once the street image shows, you can use the arrows to travel forward or backwards and explore the neighborhood. NOTE: Most of the world is open space, without people, so odds are you'll see a lot of the world's rural areas, which is wonderful in itself! If you prefer a little more control over your destination, use this link and choose a specific destination worldwide (addresses, cities, points of interest), then look around the neighborhood!
Taco Trucks, Every Corner - Although this 2-minute video makes a brief political reference, it's not really about politics, but about the way street food brings folks together.
Higher Ground - In this 5-minute video, music connects streets and neighborhoods across the globe for peace, justice, and love.
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