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The Universe In Beads: Indigenous Artist Margaret Nazon's Cosmos

The magnificent beadwork of Margaret Nazon is inspired by the shimmering beauty of the Aurora Borealis and images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Astronomical Beadwork of Margaret Nazon - Brief overview of Margaret Nazon's work. She is a member of the First Nation of Gwich’in (Northwest Territories, Canada).
Beaded Universe - In this 2-minute video, Margaret Nazon comments on her work, as she walks us through her exhibition.
Nomad Designs - Margaret Nazon's portfolio on her personal website.
In Conversation: Cosmos - In this 1-hour video, several artists discuss how the universe/cosmos inspires their art. As with any panel discussion, Margaret Nazon's comments are scattered throughout the video. To save you time, her comments begin at 3:30, 16:20, 35:00, 50:25, and 52:20. In addition to comments about her art, she also describes how her home community, and First Nations perspective, has influenced her work.
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