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The World's Libraries: Beautiful And Essential Servants Of Humanity

Libraries are among humanity's most magical and transformative inventions. Celebrate these wonderful institutions by visiting some of the world's great libraries.

Browsing The Stacks: A Photo Appreciation Of Libraries - Glimpses of libraries big and small, new and old, from across the globe.
20 Of The World’s Most Stunning Libraries - From Japan to Mexico to Norway to Egypt and places in-between, there are amazing libraries to explore.
55 Of The Most Beautiful Libraries In The World - Striking libraries all over the world hold communities together and offer tools for learning. You can also take a peek Inside 25 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries.
Visit 15 Of The Oldest Libraries In The World - What is the oldest library in the world? Here are some of the oldest libraries in the world that you can visit anytime.
The 12 Busiest Libraries in the World - A guide to some of the world's libraries that get giant-sized use!
360-Degree Virtual Tour Of The U.S. Library of Congress - Take a virtual walk through the world's largest library.
More Stunning Libraries You Can Virtually Tour - Libraries in England, Austria, New York, Massachusetts, Mexico, Portugal, and Prague!
Biblioteca Palafoxiana (The Palafox Library), Puebla, Mexico - Tour of the library recognized by UNESCO as being the oldest library in the Americas.
Unusual Libraries Around The World - Here are eight libraries from around the world sure to intrigue bookworms.
One Of The Loneliest Libraries In The World? - It’s a tiny tea-shop, a mud-walled structure in the middle of nowhere. The hand-written sign on plain paper pinned to the front, reads...Library...
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