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The World's Most Epic Animal Migrations? Maybe Not What You Think.

Some of nature's greatest spectacles are very obvious, others not so much. By wing, fin, or hoof -- animals, birds, and sea creatures travel astonishing distances, matched only by what they endure.

Amazing Animal Migrations by Land, Air, and Sea - The migration experience of the Elephant, Albatross, and Great White Shark (2-minute video).
The Toughest Animal Migrations on Earth - From forests to the tundra and Arctic to Antarctic, these are some of the most impressive migrations across the animal kingdom (1-minute video).
This is the Largest Mammal Migration in the World - Fruit bats, nicknamed flying foxes, don’t do things in half measures: 10 million of them migrate to Zambia (3-minute video).
Watch the World's Largest Animal Migration Light Up the Ocean - At night, trillions of tiny plankton move to the ocean's surface to feed (2-minute video).
The Greatest Animal Migration - This full-length documentary follows millions of wildebeest as they travel across the Serengeti from Tanzania to Kenya and back (43-minute video).
This Is What One of the Last Great Migrations Looks Like - Each spring, roughly 600,000 Sandhill Cranes make their annual migration through Nebraska (6-minute video). Personal note: I grew up on a farm in the middle of this and, each Spring, used to literally crawl on my belly up a ditch to get within a flock of thousands of these cranes. The sound is indescribably amazing, especially when the gigantic flock spooks and they all take flight together.
14 of the Greatest Animal Migrations - From sea turtles to dragonflies to crabs, migrations are often epic journeys.
Meet the Animals That Travel Farthest - Some of these are real surprises!

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