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The World's Most Iconic, Sacred, And Unusual Trees

These wonderful trees have borne witness to history and become renowned for their majestic, or...perhaps, quirky, qualities!

Portraits of Time - This gallery of black-and-white photographs portraying some of the largest, oldest, and rarest trees on Earth conveys the grandeur and majesty of these living treasures. The same photographer has another eye-melting portfolio of trees photographed under brilliant African night skies: Diamond Nights.
11 Sacred and Iconic Trees - The qualities that make these trees special are vastly different, yet it's easy to see why they are beloved! And, if you liked that, here's a different grouping of incredible trees: 10 of the Most Famous Trees in the World.
‘Who Painted the Bark?’: Meet the Magnificent Rainbow Eucalyptus - A true natural wonder!
Trees that are 'Living Fossils' - These trees are truly prehistoric, having been around since the days of the dinosaurs, and even before. And, you can grow them yourself!
10 Trees That Refuse To Die - Let the strength and perseverance of these amazing trees inspire you on your darkest days!
Trees That Tell Stories About The World We Live In - Gorgeous, and unusual, portraits of unique trees around the world.
National Trees of the World - Every part of the world has its own iconic trees! Do you know what tree gets that iconic label where you live?
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