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The World's Oldest Restaurants: History Meets Food

A 1,200-year-old restaurant seems downright impossible. But a number of centuries-old eateries have some pretty phenomenal history.

The Oldest Restaurant in Every Country, Mapped - Serving customers since 803 AD!
Tapas Old as Time: These Are the World’s Oldest Restaurants - From the world’s oldest pizzeria to the oldest oyster bar, and everything between.
Inside The World’s 10 Oldest Restaurants - Restaurants currently operating throughout the world that have pretty amazing history.
12 Stunning Cafés Every History Buff Needs to Visit - Some of the world's best historic coffeehouses.
The 10 Oldest Restaurants in the World and Their Signature Dishes - The menu makes these historic places famous, too.
10 Ancient Businesses That Still Exist - Most of these ancient companies are food and drink establishments.
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