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Time Passes The Same For Everyone, Right? Not Exactly.

Attitudes toward time differ across cultures, and across generations, often in quite significant ways. Time touches on our deepest understanding of ourselves and others, and may even be a matter of life and death.

Time In Different Cultures - The contemporary Western understanding of time would probably be absolutely incomprehensible to someone just a hundred years ago.
The Meaning Of Time - Reflections of a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer on what she learned about her own, and Guinean, perceptions of time.
Soccer Until Dusk - A poem about soccer. But don't be fooled. The poem is more about differing concepts of time, than it is about soccer.
How Galileo Invented Time-Keeping And Forever Changed Modern Life - Legend has it that in 1583, Galileo, a nineteen-year-old student at the University of Pisa attended prayers at the cathedral and, while daydreaming in the pews, noticed one of the altar lamps swaying back and forth, and became almost hypnotized by the lamp’s regular motion.
'Time Warped': The Many Ways Humans Experience Time - Time is weirdly elastic. It seems to pass faster or slower sometimes. Why is that?
A Brief Economic History Of Time - Capitalism changed how humans perceive the passage of hours, days, and weeks. This made people more productive, but did it make them any happier?
The Meaning of Time in Science: The Concepts of Time Explained - This 24-minute video examines many concepts of time along with attempting to offer a meaning of time.
Did Time Start At The Big Bang? - This mind-boggling 13-minute video looks at how scientists learning about the beginning of the universe think about time.
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